A couple of years ago, I was introduced to my first Amish fiction book, “White Christmas Pie”, by Wanda Brunstetter. To say that I was officially hooked was an understatement! I loved it! As I started to research other Amish books, I was completely blown away by this fiction subgenre. There were so many books, I had to make a list of each Amish fiction author and the books they had written. As of this writing, I have read over 120 Amish fiction books. I still have many more on my reading list.

I started to search out and connect with Amish authors on Facebook, and personal websites. You may ask, “why Amish fiction?”. Amish stories are filled with so much hope, faith, community and love, but also experience heartbreak, lost love, and tragedy, like we all do! In the end, grace and mercy abound from our Lord . These books soothe my spirit, as they are sprinkled with God’s Word and faithfulness. I admire their sense of community. I love how so much of their daily life is in the kitchen! I enjoy reading about the meals they prepare for their families and especially like the books that have a family bakery business within it! Please visit the Recipe section for Amish recipes you can try for your family!

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